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Six Senses Hideaway Ninh Van Bay
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Six Senses Hideaway Ninh Van Bay lies  on dramatic Ninh Van Bay, about 60 minute drive  from Cam Ranh Airport.  With the  beauty offered by nature, all tourist s will be impressed by rock formations overlooking the South China Sea, white sand beach and towering mountains behind, all adding to the sense of being luxuriously at one.


The exclusive property also presents the reality of the destination, with an architectural style reflecting the traditions of Vietnam.

We highly recommend our unique Vietnamese range of treatments, try a Vietnamese Body Scup, followed by and 80 Minute Vietnamese Massage with cupping, and completed with a Natural fruit facial. Moreover, staying here you can enjoy various sports such as:  football, volleyball, tennis, jet-ski, parachute, windsurfing and diving. 

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